1st Month of Healthy Pregnancy Diet

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1st Month of Healthy Pregnancy Diet, Which Foods To Eat And Avoid?
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There are a lot of information from websites and books about pregnancy diet, but you might still feel like you know nothing about the diet.

Normally, by the time you had test positive for pregnancy, you are considered in about 2 to 2.5 weeks of pregnancy and definitely you missed first month diet.

You may not aware that you are actually harming the fetus by lifting heavy weights, not eating properly, eat too much junk food, travelling or fighting.

So, Here Are What To Eat and Avoid During First Month Of Pregnancy.

1. Eat Rich in Folate Foods.
Your pregnancy doctor will prescribed you the folic acid pills, but you still need to include folate rich foods in your diet.

2. Consume Enough Vitamin B6.
Almost all pregnancy women will experience nausea or vomiting.
Eat Vitamin B6 foods can help.

3. Fruits For Fiber.
Rich in fibre important for healthy digestion especially during pregnancy will face constipation.

4. Milk Products For Calcium.
When you’re pregnant, your developing baby needs the calcium to build strong bones, teeth, healthy heart, nerves, muscles as well as blood-clotting abilities.

5. Eat Cooked Meats for The Rich Protein.
You need protein during pregnancy because they are building blocks for your baby’s body & yours.

Avoid pork meat, if they are little under-cooked, they can carry dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Whereas for seafood, which contains high quantities of methyl-mercury which is worst for fetal development.

6. Eat Rich In Iron Foods.
Your fetus needs the iron for rich blood supply in order to provide oxygen for them.

Your doctor will not be prescribing iron pills until the 4th month of pregnancy. You can include iron source by eating foods such as…

7. Eat Natural Sugar Foods For Sufficient Calories.
You are best to eat non-complex sugars or natural sugars to allow yourself to restore for extra energy.

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